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A Pre Thanksgiving Slamdown

I feel like when you are getting close to the holiday season, it’s bad form to write a SLAMDOWN. I think two days prior to said event is sufficient. I hope you agree. Otherwise you can do your own slamdown, put my name under Things you DON’T like, and we can have an epic blog battle.

Things I LOVE:

Thanksgiving at my Aunts house. Best turkey, best company, best turkey (still)

3 day work weeks

Tea- of all varieties. Currently Cucumber White (Tazo)

Freeways with no traffic

Puppy sitting, not once, but TWICE, two different Coco’s and a Buddy

Kickball! Go Brews On First??!!

Seeing a post from a friend on Facebook saying “Thank you for biting my face last night”- What? I didn’t have any bath salts? #soundsmadeup Lindsay

Going to yoga after having a swirl, I think I felt looser


The fact that this weekend is the Michigan vs. Ohio State game

Booking hotel rooms in Napa!


Molly and I on the left, NEVER LEAVE ME!

That we are going to have a whirlwind weekend of Single Barrel, Campbell, Swirls, Napa? Golden Gate Bridge, Boozy SF Brunch?, Slide? East Side West? The Brixton? Flames…So much to do, so little time.

Things I DON’T Love:

That Thanksgiving is 2 days away- I want turkey now.

That Black Friday has become such an institution that people MISS Thanksgiving to sit in line. STUPID CONSUMERISM

Traffic on the freeway/San Thomas Expressway.

Having to give back said puppies to their mommies

Hangovers and realizing you may have given your friend a love bite on the cheek.

Goodbyes, in general.


The Slamdown: a Reinstatement

I just reread a post I wrote while I was in Australia called, “For Love of the Irish: A Slamdown” and realized that I was a much better writer while living across the world. Maybe it was just the content? More of it, more entertaining, more things that were “new” to my life.

Anyway, oh faithful reader,  I have decided to continue my “Slamdowns” which will be both Things I Love (A knockoff of my cousin Tammy’s blog posts called “Things I love Thursdays” from quite awhile ago) and Things I Don’t Love, my own addition. Today will be the first reinstatement  of said Slamdown.

Things I Love:

Going to the gym at 5:45AM with Katie.

Pablo Sandoval hitting three home runs against the Tigers.

This little gem my coworker just got:

She is still nameless!

Great Travelzoo deals my mom sends me like this Sake Tasting in Berkley.

Wonderfully written resumes by kind and qualified candidates.

Dinner at my house! Shepard’s Pie (Paleo of course) and Game 2 tonight! #orangeoctober

Redundant, I know

Turbokick, unless it is the Sunday class with Crazy C****** quit adding your own sections. They suck.

Book Clubs! Both of them!

The books I am currently reading:


Things I Don’t Love So Much (or even at all):

Going to the gym at 5:45AM with Katie.

The little puppy isn’t mine to keep forever and ever, she is such a little Ewok!

Chopping veggies, my fingers are very important to me.

Realizing that before I can chop the veggies, I have to peel them.

Not having a peeler.

That Taco Bell is NOT Paleo.

That so many of my Facebook friends are my Michigan Friends and they are Tigers fans. No comebacks for you!

AIX Engineers, where are you and why won’t you respond to my emails? Oh you are one? Well here is my email: jgowin@astreya.com

Ah, relief. I have been waiting to spill my guts about the potato peeler for awhile. I have a Julienne Slicer but not a potato peeler. Really! Feel free to comment with your own “Love” and “Love Nots!”