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Day I have No Idea: Utter Failure & Benihana

This week I failed miserably. Not just the little cheats here and there, but two nights of pure, unadulterated  cheating. One of my beloved coworkers is leaving, sad day, so we had to have a few get togethers. To start, a few of us went to her house on Wednesday  for some “us” time. And it kind of turned into pure shenanigans.

The cheating started when I had a panic attack at the store trying to get a snack everyone would enjoy and I was overwhelmed by the cheese selection. I finally caved and just took the easy way out, getting Brie and baguette, just thinking that I wouldn’t have any and would watch my coworkers eat this heavenly substance without me. Stupid. It’s Brie, of course I’m going to have some! So we get to her house I cut the bread and open the Brie- game over, fail #1.  Within seconds the first (of many) bottles of wine is open, and its WHITE, so there is fail #2. Another coworker had brought chips and 7 layer dip- I don’t even LIKE the top layer of said dip but I still could not resist the Tostitos Scoops and guacamole hiding at the bottom. Fail #3. We soon realize we are running out of libations…

Off to Safeway! We get there and proceed to buy 5 more bottles of wine… Kit Kats and a pizza. We get back to the house, throw the pizza in the oven, eat the Kit Kats and pound some champagne. Then eat  pizza.
Needless to say Wednesday I caved to temptation and failed.

LAST NIGHT- we went to Benihanas, and how can you NOT eat all of the food they put in front of you after they so artfully cook if for you?? The fried rice is amazing, The chicken is amazing, the steak is amazing…so is the name brand ice cream at the end. Dammit.
Here are some of the dishes we were served….

Our Hibachi…

The BEST Miso soup I have ever had

The BEST chicken fried rice I have ever had

The cooking of the main courses…

My beautiful chicken!

Keep in mind this was followed by some ice cream… So I failed this week, not to mention the alcohol consumption was on a whole other level. Instead of admitting to this defeat and eating my face off in depression, I will be starting over…at Day 1. So far today, coffee and almonds!