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Day 19- Paleo Chicken Curry! And Chicken Caccitore? Yes PLEASE!

First off, I would like to mention how much I love “falling back”. I woke up this morning at 7:30AM and have been productive ever since! I have gone to Safeway (twice) finished laundry, cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, made the kitchen a mess and started the crock pot for dinner all before 11:30AM. Needless to say I am feeling very satisfied with myself right now.

What is going on in my crock pot you ask? Well let me just tell you! Thanks to paleomg.com, Kevin and I are making Brazilian Curry Chicken– Paleo of course! I cannot wait to try it, it was super easy to get going. A few things to note: coconut milk in a can for $1.75 can be found in the ethnic food aisle, curry powder is NOT found in the same place, it is a spice so save yourself some time and go to the spice aisle (of course I didn’t). If you want it cheaper, there are the individual packets of the necessary spices that look like the picture below if you only want a little bit of it. I think it was $2.49 for the packet compared to $8.00 for the container.

Ground Ginger- The Curry Powder comes in the same sort of packet

When you start to pour out your coc0nut milk, make sure that you stir the container, the good stuff will be stuck on the bottom. After you mix your initial ingredients together to make the base of the sauce it may look a little like mine:

Brazilian Curry Base Sauce

While I was busy making the sauce, Kevin was hustling to chop all of the veggies and garlic. The recipe didn’t say to chop the chicken at all, but we decided to cut ours into halves to make it easier to mix and easier to portion when we are ready to eat later. This is what it looked like with the chicken and veggies added to the pot:

Base Sauce + Veggies

And now we wait…..

To speak a bit about the site where I found this recipe, while my curry simmers tantalizing in the kitchen, paleomg.com- Katie S. emailed me the link and I LOVE the writer of this blog. She is blunt, straightforward and hilarious. My favorite part of this recipe is where she wrote: “Then eat it in a cute Tupperware bowl. Or plate….be that way.”

Overall it is a great website and she makes her recipes absolutely enjoyable to read. If you need more healthy ideas definitely check her out!

6 hours later….

The final product!

So Kevin and I just helped ourselves to some of our Curry Chicken and it was goood. The chicken fell apart with the press of a fork (no knife necessary) and the flavors were good. Kevin added Cayenne Pepper to give him a little spice. One recommendation, if you do not like really mushy bell peppers- you might want to wait a little bit (maybe an hour or two?) and add the bell peppers later. In any case, YUM.

To follow up with my last post, yes everyone I did INDEED go to the gym Friday morning at 545AM to the boot camp class. I am INDEED still sore. I did INDEED look like the most out of shape person in the class. Indeed- embarrassed.  To make myself feel better I invited Kevin’s roommates from his previous place over for dinner, Andrew and Mike so I found a great recipe for “The Best EVER Paleo Chicken Caccitore” which I reblogged to my site so check out littlepaleochicken.wordpress.com!

Ali and Dirk also came over and we ate, drank, played SmartAss (Im pretty sure Mike won), drank, drank drank, went to Khartoum, drank, got in a cab, went to THE WILLOW DEN…you know I was drunk for agreeing to go there…

Bar at the Den

…ugh drank, danced (I’m pretty sure at this point I was dancing by myself but that is questionable), bought my new friend (to my new friend who I bought a bud lite, I’m sorry I cannot recall your name), kissed a friend I haven’t seen in a long time on the cheek when I said hi, got bitched out by his girlfriend (rude), walked away awkwardly, got in a cab, got home, passed out (there may be missing pieces here)- In brief, that was my Friday. …Kevin and I didn’t wake up until 1PM Whoops! Andrew, I think you car is still out front.
I wish you all the very best Monday! Thanks for reading!