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Know Nothing About Make Up? Neither Do I- Thank God AMANDA DOES!

Make up is something that is amazing to me, its like art people wear on their face- unless its me, then it’s like a creepy mask you wear on Halloween. Clearly I am not good at it, I don’t know what brushes to use, what the difference is between using a power foundation vs a mineral foundation (if that even makes sense…) or how to do a “smokey look” OR even how many looks there can be… Thank God for Amanda!

My beautiful and talented cousin has agreed to do weekly blog entries on various topics relating to makeup from “How To’s” in regards to certain looks, fresh ideas for various occasions or just the day to day and video tutorials as well! The topics will vary maybe with her mood, maybe with the seasons (trends, budgets etc) but it will call come from a professional!

Amanda graduated from the Paul Mitchel Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology in San Francisco and is currently in a management role with Ulta. She has done numerous freelance cosmetic projects and has worked for makeup counters for many different lines from Benefit to Bobby Brown and everything in between! She can even make my mug ready for any occasion I throw at her! Christmas party? No problem. Girls night? Obviously. AN INTERVIEW??? Of course.

I will selfishly steel some of her spotlight by putting pictures I like of BOTH of us below 🙂


How we feel about each other

How we feel about each other

Please stayed tuned for the first addition of aManda’s Makeup Miracles.  If you miss a week- I have added a category called “Makeup Miracles” to the side bar. Make sure to check it out!