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Day I have No Idea: Utter Failure & Benihana

This week I failed miserably. Not just the little cheats here and there, but two nights of pure, unadulterated  cheating. One of my beloved coworkers is leaving, sad day, so we had to have a few get togethers. To start, a few of us went to her house on Wednesday  for some “us” time. And it kind of turned into pure shenanigans.

The cheating started when I had a panic attack at the store trying to get a snack everyone would enjoy and I was overwhelmed by the cheese selection. I finally caved and just took the easy way out, getting Brie and baguette, just thinking that I wouldn’t have any and would watch my coworkers eat this heavenly substance without me. Stupid. It’s Brie, of course I’m going to have some! So we get to her house I cut the bread and open the Brie- game over, fail #1.  Within seconds the first (of many) bottles of wine is open, and its WHITE, so there is fail #2. Another coworker had brought chips and 7 layer dip- I don’t even LIKE the top layer of said dip but I still could not resist the Tostitos Scoops and guacamole hiding at the bottom. Fail #3. We soon realize we are running out of libations…

Off to Safeway! We get there and proceed to buy 5 more bottles of wine… Kit Kats and a pizza. We get back to the house, throw the pizza in the oven, eat the Kit Kats and pound some champagne. Then eat  pizza.
Needless to say Wednesday I caved to temptation and failed.

LAST NIGHT- we went to Benihanas, and how can you NOT eat all of the food they put in front of you after they so artfully cook if for you?? The fried rice is amazing, The chicken is amazing, the steak is amazing…so is the name brand ice cream at the end. Dammit.
Here are some of the dishes we were served….

Our Hibachi…

The BEST Miso soup I have ever had

The BEST chicken fried rice I have ever had

The cooking of the main courses…

My beautiful chicken!

Keep in mind this was followed by some ice cream… So I failed this week, not to mention the alcohol consumption was on a whole other level. Instead of admitting to this defeat and eating my face off in depression, I will be starting over…at Day 1. So far today, coffee and almonds!


Day 19- Paleo Chicken Curry! And Chicken Caccitore? Yes PLEASE!

First off, I would like to mention how much I love “falling back”. I woke up this morning at 7:30AM and have been productive ever since! I have gone to Safeway (twice) finished laundry, cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, made the kitchen a mess and started the crock pot for dinner all before 11:30AM. Needless to say I am feeling very satisfied with myself right now.

What is going on in my crock pot you ask? Well let me just tell you! Thanks to, Kevin and I are making Brazilian Curry Chicken– Paleo of course! I cannot wait to try it, it was super easy to get going. A few things to note: coconut milk in a can for $1.75 can be found in the ethnic food aisle, curry powder is NOT found in the same place, it is a spice so save yourself some time and go to the spice aisle (of course I didn’t). If you want it cheaper, there are the individual packets of the necessary spices that look like the picture below if you only want a little bit of it. I think it was $2.49 for the packet compared to $8.00 for the container.

Ground Ginger- The Curry Powder comes in the same sort of packet

When you start to pour out your coc0nut milk, make sure that you stir the container, the good stuff will be stuck on the bottom. After you mix your initial ingredients together to make the base of the sauce it may look a little like mine:

Brazilian Curry Base Sauce

While I was busy making the sauce, Kevin was hustling to chop all of the veggies and garlic. The recipe didn’t say to chop the chicken at all, but we decided to cut ours into halves to make it easier to mix and easier to portion when we are ready to eat later. This is what it looked like with the chicken and veggies added to the pot:

Base Sauce + Veggies

And now we wait…..

To speak a bit about the site where I found this recipe, while my curry simmers tantalizing in the kitchen, Katie S. emailed me the link and I LOVE the writer of this blog. She is blunt, straightforward and hilarious. My favorite part of this recipe is where she wrote: “Then eat it in a cute Tupperware bowl. Or plate….be that way.”

Overall it is a great website and she makes her recipes absolutely enjoyable to read. If you need more healthy ideas definitely check her out!

6 hours later….

The final product!

So Kevin and I just helped ourselves to some of our Curry Chicken and it was goood. The chicken fell apart with the press of a fork (no knife necessary) and the flavors were good. Kevin added Cayenne Pepper to give him a little spice. One recommendation, if you do not like really mushy bell peppers- you might want to wait a little bit (maybe an hour or two?) and add the bell peppers later. In any case, YUM.

To follow up with my last post, yes everyone I did INDEED go to the gym Friday morning at 545AM to the boot camp class. I am INDEED still sore. I did INDEED look like the most out of shape person in the class. Indeed- embarrassed.  To make myself feel better I invited Kevin’s roommates from his previous place over for dinner, Andrew and Mike so I found a great recipe for “The Best EVER Paleo Chicken Caccitore” which I reblogged to my site so check out!

Ali and Dirk also came over and we ate, drank, played SmartAss (Im pretty sure Mike won), drank, drank drank, went to Khartoum, drank, got in a cab, went to THE WILLOW DEN…you know I was drunk for agreeing to go there…

Bar at the Den

…ugh drank, danced (I’m pretty sure at this point I was dancing by myself but that is questionable), bought my new friend (to my new friend who I bought a bud lite, I’m sorry I cannot recall your name), kissed a friend I haven’t seen in a long time on the cheek when I said hi, got bitched out by his girlfriend (rude), walked away awkwardly, got in a cab, got home, passed out (there may be missing pieces here)- In brief, that was my Friday. …Kevin and I didn’t wake up until 1PM Whoops! Andrew, I think you car is still out front.
I wish you all the very best Monday! Thanks for reading!

Day 8: Paleo CHEATER- It’s always the sweets….Plus some info on M8trix Casino

So, I cheated. We went to Maggiano’s yesterday for a team lunch and I was able to keep my cool through the bread baskets, the pasta, and the chocolate cake. You know what my downfall was…apple crisp with ice cream on top. Really? Of all  things….apple crisp. Oh well, not deterred just feeling extremely guilty. I was able to dodge the offensive launched by the bagels in the break room and head straight for the new espresso machine (phew!) this morning so that makes me feel better.

Additionally, Katie (clearly not Japan Katie) and I went to the gym this morning and took a Spin class at 24hour fitness. Spinning isn’t really my thing but that feeling of being done with your workout for the day at 6:45AM is definitely a nice feeling to have! We are trying to go in the mornings 3x per week, so hopefully the darkness that is a winter morning doesn’t bring our plan to a disappointing halt.
To recap the last two days..they have been pretty standard, sausage for dinner (turkey or chicken) with broccoli and cauliflower as a side. Actually, on Monday we went to M8trix Casino to watch the Giants WIN THE PENNANT! I had some Filet Mignon Bites…yum

M8trix Casino

The sports bar in the back is AWESOME to watch a game, assuming you get their early enough like we did to claim enough space for your party. We had to keep beating the hostess off because she kept asking if we were going to use all of the seats. For God-sake lady, I would tell you that I don’t need one of these whole tables if I didn’t, I’m not trying to be a huge prick over here. Jesus.

Anyway -there is a huge projector screen, movie theater status, and 4 TV’s on  left and right with various games. The place is pretty large and the ambiance is alright. Lots of “just got out of the office after a bunch of very important meetings” types.

So the atmosphere is great, and the TV’s are awesome…what is the catch? Prices. The food is expensive and so are the drinks. There is no happy hour special at this joint so I ended up floating $35 for one drink, an appetizer (though they were delicious Filet Mignon Bites) and tip. But I am also the girl that was happy going to St. Johns and getting killer specials (half of burgers? YES PLEASE) and having a beer. But not more beer for me!

I managed to keep Paleo while at M8trix and was so so pleased to see that the Giants smashed the Cardinals into the muddy muddy ground. Huzzah! Go Orange! I have also decided (I am sure like millions of other NLCS watchers) Marco Scutero is my favorite player and I love love love him!

Marco Scutero, my favorite Giant. Other than Vogelsong, Pagan, Pence (but just for today) and Panda (with a nickname like that??)

Sorry for the mishmash of information!! Will try to organize my thoughts better on the next showing 🙂

Day 6: Paleo Pre-Game Weekend!

This was quite a sports filled weekend with wins for my teams all of the country. Michigan, beating Michigan State (welcome back little brother!), the Pats beating the Jets (barely…) and the GIANTS winning game 6! Needless to say, there was a lot of eating to be done this weekend and my biggest difficulty was finding a beer substitute!

The weekend kicked off Saturday afternoon watching the Michigan game at my mom’s house. Everyone knows you can’t have a football party without food, so I figured I would bring a bunch of my own appetizers so I wouldn’t impose my new eating habits on anyone who was planing on making something.
The menu was as follows:

Bacon Guacamole Sammies


Bacon Guacamole Sammies My recommendation here is to make the bacon as crispy as possible and serve immediately. I made the mistake of precooking these the night before, and putting them in the fridge. The texture of the bacon wasn’t perfect so it made the sammies a little moist, which for me, is not OK with bacon.


Zucchini Noodles, Zoodles!

Zoodles! Delicious. This is my new go to meal whenever I am hungry because it is so easy and tastes amazing. I’m actually having them for lunch today! (I just did, they were great leftover)

Brownies! I did not add a link the recipe here, because they were terrible. I am trying to find a new one that doesn’t taste like I am eating dirt. These used avocados instead of flour and there was no added sugar, I am not sure if I am just a terrible cook, or it was the recipe. I will let you know how the next batch goes!
The Zoodles were definitely the hit of the afternoon, though the Julienne Slicer and the dedication you need to peeling 12 zucchinis is pretty intense. I did indeed slice my thumb on zucchini number 4 so Kevin had to finish the rest of the bag.


Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites

On Sunday, we made more Zoodles for lunch and then had a few friends over for the Giants game. For this, I made Bacon Chicken Bites and had a Dijon Mustard as the dip (though I am not sure how Paleo the mustard is).  I found this recipe on Pintrest actually and it directed me back to another one of my favorite cooking websites, I, being the wonderful cook that I am, forgot to turn them over halfway through the cook time and they came out a little bit dry. However they were really easy because you do not have to add anything to them, the deliciousness of the chicken and bacon can definitely stand alone.

I will admit that I cheated Sunday night. I at some Cadbury chocolate  before bed. I couldn’t help it. I am not sure how much of cheating it really is, but I thought I would be honest with all of you!

Also, as I mentioned before, beer was a difficulty for me. I do enjoy a good Lagunitas more often than not,  and when a friend came over to watch the Giants game, he of course had the delicious beer in tow. I have read the tequila is the best alcohol to have if you need to have something. This is the recipe I found that I will make sure I keep on hand!

1-2oz tequila (tequila is OK because it comes from Agave plants and does not have additives when purified)

Juice from 1 lime

Soda Water to taste.

I have yet to try this recipe out but have seen great reviews on it, which were very positive. Once I do I will take a picture for your viewing pleasure, and probably regale you with a tale of the shenanigans that ensued afterwards! Happy Monday everyone!







Day 3: Paleo Party!

So yesterday was my first day eating fully paleo and (as is with most “diets”) it wasn’t bad at all. Kevin had gone with me to Safeway Wednesday night at about 10:00PM and we basically bought a ton of meat, veggies and I grabbed some almonds- I am the kind of person that needs to have food ready for the next day or I struggle to stick to with all of the temptations my office has to offer.  Which means that I was in the kitchen until 11:00 trying to prepare my first paleo day…

In any case my first eating schedule looked something like this:

Breakfast: Banana (what was supposed to be my one serving of fruit)

Snack: Almonds

Lunch: Banana (oops) and a Meatza   I used homemade salsa on top as it was  more accessible for me at the time

Snack: Almonds

Dinner: Broccoli and Stuffed Bell Peppers 

Dessert: BANANA! FAIL!
Though not all to varied, I was definitely full and satisfied after each meal or snack. I will need to add more snacks because I don’t think I can handle almonds all day everyday, I am currently thinking beef jerky with no added sugar, carrots, celery (though I will need a good substitute for peanut butter?) and cucumbers.

It was also helpful yesterday because I mentioned my Paleo mission to my best friend Lisa, and she was definitely interested in trying it out so she and her boyfriend came over last night for dinner (my first paleo party!) and apparently it wasn’t too terrible! AKA, it was delicious. She has expressed interest in joining the paleo bandwagon so it is going to be quite the experience! With her permission I am also going to post some of her struggles and victories through the process to give some variation to my own. I also put her on blast so she can’t bail out!

This picture pretty much surmises our relationship, and yes, we were sober



Today the menu looks almost identical (I made two Meatza’s for simplicities sake) and for dinner I will be making Zoodles!!! I got this recipe from another one of my best friends, Katie- who is currently in Japan for the next two years doing nursing, and she apparently has been doing paleo for awhile now and brought this recipe to my attention!

I am sure my updates through the weekend will be much more entertaining as I have not yet discovered the alcohol “allowance” though I know in my heart there probably are none!

Happy Friday!

Day 1: Paleo Diet, My Journey to Greatness

I have recently come to the conclusion that 1. I need to lose weight and 2. I need a healthier lifestyle. Obviously, by recently, I mean this has been an ongoing process over the past 2 years but I just decided to get serious!

Since I have started dating my wonderful boyfriend, I have let myself slip a little bit. Dinner out, movies, just wanting to be with him and not on the treadmill has resulted in my gain of XXlbs and a more sedentary lifestyle. Not to mention I sit at a computer all day searching for new recruits, making calls, conducting interviews, going to meetings- hardly ever seeing the sun.

Awhile back I tried out Crossfit, and LOVED it. It was the best workout (next to water polo) that I have ever had. Unfortunately. if you have tried to join a Crossfit gym you will know the fees are quite a bit more than your normal gym, with prices reaching around $180 per month depending on where you go. Since I am still slightly buried in college loans, I feel guilty paying for a gym when my interest keeps compounding.

In any case, I have made a commitment to myself, that I am posting for the world to see, that I will be starting the Paleo (“Caveman!”) diet as of tomorrow in addition to a more rigorous gym routine. I have recently fallen in love with TuboKick at 24 Hour Fitness and try to go as often as possible with a self made weightlifting program as well.
Here is more information in regards to the Paleo style of diet- ”

“The Paleo Diet is an effort to eat like we used to back in the day…WAY back in the day.  If a caveman couldn’t eat it, neither can you.

This means anything we could hunt or find – meats, fish, nuts, leafy greens, regional veggies, and seeds. Sorry, the pasta, cereal, and candy will have to go!”- NerdFitness

I have posted this to invite you on my journey to a better lifestyle. This will include tips and recipes for the Paleo diet, different workouts I have completed, quotes and questions posed for motivation and my stumbles along the way, most likely to happen on my attack of the elephant you see above.

I would like to extend a HUGE thank you to a friend from high school who is ever present on Instagram posting about Crossfit and the Paleo meals she is trying out. Basically, she got me started on this idea! She has also given me the link to her website Rebelle Fitness Which has great info and definitely an enjoyable read!

So- to kick  things off, this is what I am using to get things going! thePaleoSolution

I will also be out shopping (probably to Trader Joe’s and Sprouts) for the following!:

  1. Grass fed beef
  2. Chicken
  3. Unsalted cashews/walnuts/almonds
  4. Broccoli/Spinach/Kale/Carrots
  5. Olive Oil
  6. Avocados
  7. Sweet Potatoes

Cleaning out the cupboards tonight! Wish me luck and I hope to see comments that you are jumping on board too!