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Holiday Party Chic

Well, hello there. How nice of you to join me. Lets talk about makeup!

I was just thrilled when Jacque’ agreed to let me spill my glitter filled glamour vomit onto her blog. I love taking about makeup and there is absolutely no doubt you’ll love reading about it. My humble charm will win over the most tom of tomboys.

Last week, Jacque had a fabulous Holiday Party for her company and was a little stumped on how to rock her face for the night. No fear, I will help, I will film, and we will all learn. You might learn a few new tricks or pick up a few ideas, and I have learned that I am awkward on film. Enjoy the choppy bits as I am not quite the editing master my fellow Gen. Y-ers are.

*Jacque’s added disclaimer…I apologize for my facial expressions, it can’t be helped**

We start at the face.

Dont freak out. It takes a lot of products to be perfect.

Dont freak out. It takes a lot of products to be perfect.

Products used are as follows:

Dermablend SkinPerfector Primer
Smashbox Hydrating Under Eye Primer
Napoleon Perdis Concealer in “Medium”
Urban Decay Naked Foundation in “4.0”
Maybelline Age Rewind Treatment Concealer in “Fair”
Bare Minerals Well Rested
Pur Minerals Perfectly Natural
NYX Matte Bronzer in “Light”
Laura Geller Blush-n-Brighten in “Sunswept”
Benefit Watts Up
MAC Loose Powder in “Drizzle Gold”

Big Beautiful Brown Eyes.

photo-1Products used:

 Lorac Pro Pallet
MAC Paint Pot in “Painterly” & “Rubenesque”
Benefit Bad Gal Waterproof Mascara
Laura Mercier Kohl Eye Pencil in “Black Gold”
Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in “Perversion”

Colors Nude, Gold, and Taupe were used.

Colors Nude, Gold, and Taupe were used.

Colors Garnet and Espresso were used.

Colors Garnet and Espresso were used.

Nude, Gold, Garnet, and Espresso.

Nude, Gold, Garnet, and Espresso.

Black Gold and Perversion.

Black Gold and Perversion.

Pucker up, Buttercup. Lips.

Products used:

MAC Lip Liner in “Redd”
MAC Lipstick in “Ruby Woo”
Benefit Lip Gloss in “Rave Reviews”
MAC Dazzleglass in “Amorous” (Used in the “Dramatic Look”)

Redd, Ruby Woo, Rave Reviews, and Amorous.

Redd, Ruby Woo, Rave Reviews, and Amorous.


Jacque looks stunning, doesn’t she? Well just in case you want a little more drama, using the same products, there is this:

You made it! Have fun at your Holiday parties and don’t drink too much egg nog. Or do, I won’t judge you.


FYI- This is what I ACTUALLY looked like at my holiday party 🙂



How to Work with a Recruiter 101

There are recruiters at all levels, with all types of different companies, with different goals, strategies, methods, etc. For me, it is important to be honest, open and recruit with integrity to really find candidates that are a fit for the positions available. If you are not a fit I will tell you, if the hiring manager has not given feedback yet, I will tell you, if we cannot afford you, I will let you know. I have learned recently that not all situations are as clear for the candidates as I think they are, hopefully this provides some clarification.

I have provided some general rules of thumb, and advice from my perspective from the trenches.

When a recruiter calls you- you are already being interviewed. The first phone call you get from a recruiter is essentially your first phone interview. Details about what you are looking for in your next career move, salary inquiries, what you are currently doing now, are all questions to deduce if you are the right fit for the position they are recruiting for. THIS DOES NOT MEAN TO BE VAGUE AND GENERALIZE YOUR ANSWERS. Be honest here. Tell them what you are looking for and your experience, it will not benefit either party for you to get interviewed for a position you are unqualified for. If you aren’t a fit now, maybe you will be in the future for another position.

If you submit a resume, and you don’t get a call back. You were not the right fit. We receive so many emailed in resumes and applications to job posts that we just don’t have the time to send individual “Our apologies” emails. We WANT to have a reason to call you about a position, so make it easy for us. Cater your resume to the job description that is posted. Use key words that are on the JD on your resume. BUT DO NOT LIE- the WORST thing you can do is lie on your resume to get an interview. You will look like an idiot when we ask questions about specific things and you have no idea what they do, but it’s on your resume. (I’m thinking about writing a blog dedicated to this, let me know if you’re interested)

We take notes and have a database. Most recruiting companies have some sort of database they log information to see when the last time a recruiter from their organization reached out to you. We save the salary range you are looking for and the type of position you are looking for. This way other recruiters are able to search you out in case they do have a position that is a right fit, another reason why it is important to be HONEST.

Recruiters tend to be WELL connected. Be careful about doing what you say you are going to do when you speak with a recruiter. If you are going to take an assessment test, or make a follow-up phone call, DO IT. Unfortunately, sometimes it is easier to remember what people didn’t do and how they messed up, than what they did. If you didn’t take an assessment test you told me you would, and I never heard from you again about a position you weren’t too sure you wanted anyway- and a colleague of mine asks me if they should reach out to you, my response would be “No, they are flaky and I would not recommend setting them up for an interview with a client”, and that could have been your dream job.

If we say ‘Please_____as soon as possible”. We mean it. Hiring managers for various companies are on their own schedule. Sometimes GREAT candidates have to get passed up because they have not completed certain phases of our screening process quickly enough to be submitted to the client. SO PLEASE, if a recruiter asks you to do something quickly, feel free to inquire as to “why”? Hopefully the person you are working with will be open with you and you both can get on the same schedule.

If your recruiter goes “dark”. If you haven’t heard from the recruiter you are working with about a position for a while, call them or email them. Sometimes recruiters are working on 10+ positions at a time and not all of them have the same priority rating and some of the hiring managers are a little slow getting feedback. It is OK to call and check in, or follow-up with an email. You have a right to know where you stand- but try to keep it as polite as possible. We aren’t trying to screw you over.

Thank you emails. Following up after a phone interview or an in person meeting is always nice. A thank you email a few days later is also a good way to check in on the status of your position if you aren’t comfortable just making an outright phone call, to a hiring manager OR a recruiter. However, timing is important I read an article about not reaching out on Mondays, so maybe check in on a Tuesday 🙂

Social Networking. WHEN YOU START APPLYING TO JOBS, CHECK YOUR MEDIA! Two of my coworkers do extensive video chats with people for in person screens. TWO people they video chatted with had pictures of themselves flipping off the camera as their default. This is not only unprofessional, it shows a lack of care for how people view them. There may be some companies out there that would love to hire you because of the picture you posted doing a keg stand upside down, while holding the handle with one arm and humming the national anthem, but most don’t (I got lucky here and they did happen to want someone with such talent, kidding!). Fix it. Most of us are the same age as you, we know what Twitter is and #badlifedecisions should not be a recent post.

There will probably be revisions, extensions, and redrafts of this post. If you have any other questions please make a comment. I would love to share!

Register to Vote: A 5 Minute Guide on How To Register Online for Californians

As many of you saw, last night was the first presidential debate between President Obama, and GOP candidate Mitt Romney. This meant, of course, that this morning’s radio shows were packed with election information. I was listening to NPR and they mentioned that “young” voters were still the most underrepresented group in the electorate based on those who are registered.

Politics are difficult. I agree. I was a Political Science major at U of M and it is a pain in the ass kind of subject, if you are not at least 80% dedicated to staying in the loop.You’re suppose to keep up on current issues, figure out what is most important to you, research the issues, try to filter through all of the crap candidates may or may not be dishing out and make an educated choice. It is time consuming, it is difficult, and it is important.  Do you want someone else making choices about your future for you? Please take the initiative and register to vote. THE LAST DAY TO REGISTER IS OCTOBER 22nd!  Here’s how:

  1. Make sure your browser is to date, they recommend using Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher though Firefox 12.0 or the latest version of Safari will also suffice.
  2. Go to this link at the California Secretary of State : ONLINE VOTER REGISTRATION
  3. Follow the steps provided and answer each question.
  4. They system will automatically search the CA DMV database for your driver license or ID card number, date of birth, and last four of your social security number. If your info is found and you authorize election officials the use of your DMV signature (what is on your DL), an electronic image of your DMV signature will be added to your voter registration application after you click “submit”
  5. *IF you do NOT have a signature on file with the DMV, you will have to print the application, sign and mail it in. You will be contacted by your county elections official when your application is approved.
  6. If you are not sure if you are registered to vote, please click the following link to check your registration status

Take the initiative to have your voice heard. If you have questions, please leave a comment and let me know!

How NOT to Move in With a Significant Other

As some of you know, I recently “officially” moved in with my boyfriend of over a year and a half (I count it as two, but apparently I don’t get “retro credit” whatever that means) in any case, we now share an apartment with a mutual friend and cat, aptly renamed-Lucifer, as her alter ego is a demonic lion with a taste for human flesh. These are some issues we ran into through our still not complete moving process.

A brief intro:

Before we signed the lease agreement, I had been spending every night at HIS apartment, in HIS room, with HIS stuff, where HE paid rent.  It was great. We went through the day-to-day things couples do and mostly kept to his room as the rest of the house was a disaster. I had my little corner of the closet for my things and a drawer in the bathroom. Perfect. I kept my mouth shut at all of the things that bothered me (shocking right?). I was in his space; he paid rent and had the right to do whatever he wanted with his things. I just tried to keep my stuff where it belonged. Though loose flip -flops and hair ties could be found everywhere.

When we decided to move in together I was pumped, my own HALF of the closet, girly decorations, everything clean and organized (my boyfriend isn’t dirty, but he tends to leave things around unless I ask him to move it) and a kitchen you could eat off the floor from. Well, things didn’t go quite as smoothly as anticipated.

We signed the lease about 3 weeks ago, giving plenty of time to move things over gradually. Here were some of the problems….

Mistake #1 nesting, apparently, women do not only “nest” when they are about to birth a child. I started nesting the moment my credit was cleared for the apt. I was on Craigslist, Amazon, Etsy, you name the site I was there looking for new furniture, home décor and anything else I could use to make that apartment “Ours”.

I threw photos at Kevin, asked his opinion on what color scheme he liked, if this set of bar stools was too expensive etc. He took it well but I could see the color in his face drain as the questions kept coming in. He was more concerned with how to get his bed, bookcase, dresser etc. out of his house and into the new one. He saw the dollar signs flashing in front of his face at the cost of some things I sent his way, the practical stuff was what he was concerned about.


  1.  Décor- does the other person care what the color scheme looks like? Do you have the same taste? Make sure if they say, “I don’t care”, they really don’t and aren’t trying to get you away from them because they are sick of your incessant interrogation on candle scent. Go on your own for these trips if it really isn’t important to him or her.
  2. Budget. Remember ladies, you have to pay a deposit and first months rent (don’t forget pet deposits) when you move in so stick to a budget with your purchases and don’t expect your significant other to pay half on things he doesn’t want or need, even though you think it is the most important thing in the world, like these wine charms I found at Storables.

Mistake #2 making your problem his, he doesn’t care that the flour doesn’t have the perfect Oxo container and probably doesn’t feel compelled to go to Storables with you at 8:00PM to find “the one”. Or the 4 section huge couch you fell in love with that is located in Redwood City that is 13′ by 9′ that you expect him and his coworkers to pick up? Give him some notice.


  1. Be independent enough to make small choices on your own and go shopping alone, you do want some things in the apartment to have your flair, but keep in mind your significant other will have theirs as well (especially if you are a Red Sox fan and he is a Yankee fan, I have heard of a couple this happened to, just saying. Be aware that you may have Yankee memorabilia over your TV forever!)
  2. For things you need his help with, make sure he has notice and time to arrange to get it picked up, and once he is there- let him be the decision maker as to whether or not it is in good condition and will fit in the house, trust! Or go with him, help him carry it and don’t complain about it. PS, I love my huge couch that fits perfectly in our living room that he negotiated the already amazing price down by $50 bucks.

Mistake #3 making his problem yours-Making one daily trip in my tiny Mazda Protégé to pick up one random article of clothing or “CoAx(?)” cable does not sound fun to me. If we are going to make a trip, lets DO IT RIGHT, I want to be efficient and get everything there to figure out where it will live in our house, I don’t just want to make sure we have cable, and why cant you go alone?


  1. Decide when you want to move and do it all at once so you have everything together, the gentleman only have to find the right transportation once, and the ladies will have everything they need to organize in the new place (slightly gendered, but you know what I mean). Or, go to Fry’s like we did and pick one up, we brought Dwight and ended up with Borderland’s as well…

Mistake #4- going with the “flow” keep in mind your hobbies, whether individual or mutual, your new place might not have enough room for all of the “flow” you have. My hobbies entail keeping a swimsuit in the closet, books on a bookshelf (thank you Mom for keeping ¾’s of them!), a snowboard and boots. If your boyfriend has a motorcycle, dirt bike gear, a mountain bike that is worth more than your car, a tool chest that weighs 500lbs, a gun safe, 3 BBQ’s,  a computer literally 5xs the size of my laptop with dual monitors and a AND a snowboard, you should really evaluate your space situation. One of you will at one point say, “It’s OK, we will just go with the flow”. Be careful, don’t drown in the rapids you may have.


  1. Storage? Do you have enough storage space for all of your combined hobbies?  Did you downsize in space from your previous apartment to your new digs? The snowboards take up more room than you think and the computer will always be ugly, plan ahead and think about getting outside storage containers from Home Depot or OSH  –obviously not for the computer, but maybe the dirt bike gear.
  2. Decide the “non-negotiables”, what can she not live with out? What can he not live without? Remember the little table he has that he loves and you HATE, figure out where it will go first. Don’t make him throw it away; you don’t want him throwing it in your face later. Where are they going to fit? Compromise.

We still aren’t fully moved in and we have no idea where the little computer table is going to go, but the apartment is great and I have no complaints as we get closer to the end, except that dinner wasn’t cooked and finished right when I got home last night, but we’re hanging in there! He gets the little table, the bike in the house and I get the Michigan doormat…and everything else. Hmmmm, maybe more compromise on my end? 🙂 When we have come to our conclusions and final organizations, I will post some pictures of the final layout!