Best Sick Day Movie and T.V. Series List

In honor of the illness that has overwhelmed my life the last three days, I have decided to make a list of my favorite movies and TV Series that I enjoy watching while on my deathbed. I always sit on the couch for about 30 minutes trying to figure out what to watch- never remembering what my favorite movies are! I have selected a variety that remind me of my childhood because its comforting, ones that are easy to watch because who wants to over think when they feel like their head is going to explode, and ones that are easy to get wrapped up in and forget that you are feeling icky! Here they are!


Top Ten Sick Day Movies

10. Princess Bride

9. Duck Tales- Treasure of the Lost Lamp

8. Fried Green Tomatoes

7. Tombstone

6. Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers

5. Sleeping Beauty

4.Lord of the Rings

3. Harry Potter

2.  Mystic Pizza

1. Practical Magic

Top Ten Sick Day TV Series

10. Intervention

9. Band of Brothers

8. Without a Trace

7. Property Brothers

6. Law and Order: SVU

5. Revenge

4. House Hunters

3. The Big Bang theory

2. Game of Thrones

1. Once Upon a Time

Such a great fantasy (NETFLIX IT!)

Since I’m sick I don’t feel like giving much description or reason why they are my list, but hopefully you can trust that these are winners! I wish you all good health this winter season!


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