A Pre Thanksgiving Slamdown

I feel like when you are getting close to the holiday season, it’s bad form to write a SLAMDOWN. I think two days prior to said event is sufficient. I hope you agree. Otherwise you can do your own slamdown, put my name under Things you DON’T like, and we can have an epic blog battle.

Things I LOVE:

Thanksgiving at my Aunts house. Best turkey, best company, best turkey (still)

3 day work weeks

Tea- of all varieties. Currently Cucumber White (Tazo)

Freeways with no traffic

Puppy sitting, not once, but TWICE, two different Coco’s and a Buddy

Kickball! Go Brews On First??!!

Seeing a post from a friend on Facebook saying “Thank you for biting my face last night”- What? I didn’t have any bath salts? #soundsmadeup Lindsay

Going to yoga after having a swirl, I think I felt looser


The fact that this weekend is the Michigan vs. Ohio State game

Booking hotel rooms in Napa!


Molly and I on the left, NEVER LEAVE ME!

That we are going to have a whirlwind weekend of Single Barrel, Campbell, Swirls, Napa? Golden Gate Bridge, Boozy SF Brunch?, Slide? East Side West? The Brixton? Flames…So much to do, so little time.

Things I DON’T Love:

That Thanksgiving is 2 days away- I want turkey now.

That Black Friday has become such an institution that people MISS Thanksgiving to sit in line. STUPID CONSUMERISM

Traffic on the freeway/San Thomas Expressway.

Having to give back said puppies to their mommies

Hangovers and realizing you may have given your friend a love bite on the cheek.

Goodbyes, in general.


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