Day 16: Paleo…I dont work out

Alright, since honesty is the best policy, I’m going to tell you all that the last time I worked out was my 545AM morning work out with Katie about a week ago. And guess what? I’ve lost 5lbs since I weighed in on Day 7 of my Paleo mission. So, it looks like the whole lifestyle transformation hasn’t really started yet- but like I always say…Baby steps right? In case you are wondering I plan on going to the gym at 545AM tomorrow morning to get back in the swing of things.

In regards to cheating and such, I have been doing pretty well for the most part. No grains, minimal eating out, minimal beer (soo soo difficult) minimal sweats, I would like to say that I have eaten NONE of these things. But that would be a blatant lie and I would never lie to you. This Paleo journey has also helped my bank account. Since I feel as though I would be too tempted to eat some delicious pasta or french fries if I went out to eat, I have been cooking at home a lot more often.

One breakfast recipe that Julie gave me (per the idea of her wonderful mother) is egg muffins!

Basically, to make 12 muffins, I beat 14 eggs together with a whisk

added bit of turkey bacon I had cooked earlier and chopped to the mixture

added them to my butter greased muffin pan

sprinkled some grated cheese on top

I threw them in the over at 350 degrees for 20 minutes (OK, I forgot them in there and they cooked for 30 minutes)  and had a TOUGH time getting them out of the pan. 3 washes and over night soaks later, the muffin pan still has egg freckles all over it, so I recommend either cooking it for the right amount of time, or using PAM instead of Smart Balance butter like I did. I think on my next go (If Kevin lets me use his muffin pan again) I will add bacon, bell peppers and onion. Yum.
Today is going to be a difficult day for me as well, because we are having an office pot luck, and we have the BEST pot lucks- Kimchi and Rice, Korean BBQ Beef, Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Spice Cookies, Carne Asade and various pasta salad dishes- I am hoping my will power will hold out all day because the kitchen already smells amazing. I feel as if I write this post before lunch,I will remind myself that I am a stubborn ass who will not falter under the delicious smells that waft through the office. I have noticed that I am a very stubborn, sass-a-frass in many aspects of my life, but when it comes to eating and losing weight…I tend to be quite forgiving of myself. Thus I am trying to change that mind set! I will let you know how it goes!
Things to look forward to in future posts to come! Sake tasting and review in Berkeley, a night of laser tag and drinking, and a rant about a recent phone call I had with a candidate.  Happy belated Halloween all!


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