Day 8: Paleo CHEATER- It’s always the sweets….Plus some info on M8trix Casino

So, I cheated. We went to Maggiano’s yesterday for a team lunch and I was able to keep my cool through the bread baskets, the pasta, and the chocolate cake. You know what my downfall was…apple crisp with ice cream on top. Really? Of all  things….apple crisp. Oh well, not deterred just feeling extremely guilty. I was able to dodge the offensive launched by the bagels in the break room and head straight for the new espresso machine (phew!) this morning so that makes me feel better.

Additionally, Katie (clearly not Japan Katie) and I went to the gym this morning and took a Spin class at 24hour fitness. Spinning isn’t really my thing but that feeling of being done with your workout for the day at 6:45AM is definitely a nice feeling to have! We are trying to go in the mornings 3x per week, so hopefully the darkness that is a winter morning doesn’t bring our plan to a disappointing halt.
To recap the last two days..they have been pretty standard, sausage for dinner (turkey or chicken) with broccoli and cauliflower as a side. Actually, on Monday we went to M8trix Casino to watch the Giants WIN THE PENNANT! I had some Filet Mignon Bites…yum

M8trix Casino

The sports bar in the back is AWESOME to watch a game, assuming you get their early enough like we did to claim enough space for your party. We had to keep beating the hostess off because she kept asking if we were going to use all of the seats. For God-sake lady, I would tell you that I don’t need one of these whole tables if I didn’t, I’m not trying to be a huge prick over here. Jesus.

Anyway -there is a huge projector screen, movie theater status, and 4 TV’s on  left and right with various games. The place is pretty large and the ambiance is alright. Lots of “just got out of the office after a bunch of very important meetings” types.

So the atmosphere is great, and the TV’s are awesome…what is the catch? Prices. The food is expensive and so are the drinks. There is no happy hour special at this joint so I ended up floating $35 for one drink, an appetizer (though they were delicious Filet Mignon Bites) and tip. But I am also the girl that was happy going to St. Johns and getting killer specials (half of burgers? YES PLEASE) and having a beer. But not more beer for me!

I managed to keep Paleo while at M8trix and was so so pleased to see that the Giants smashed the Cardinals into the muddy muddy ground. Huzzah! Go Orange! I have also decided (I am sure like millions of other NLCS watchers) Marco Scutero is my favorite player and I love love love him!

Marco Scutero, my favorite Giant. Other than Vogelsong, Pagan, Pence (but just for today) and Panda (with a nickname like that??)

Sorry for the mishmash of information!! Will try to organize my thoughts better on the next showing 🙂


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