Day 3: Paleo Party!

So yesterday was my first day eating fully paleo and (as is with most “diets”) it wasn’t bad at all. Kevin had gone with me to Safeway Wednesday night at about 10:00PM and we basically bought a ton of meat, veggies and I grabbed some almonds- I am the kind of person that needs to have food ready for the next day or I struggle to stick to with all of the temptations my office has to offer.  Which means that I was in the kitchen until 11:00 trying to prepare my first paleo day…

In any case my first eating schedule looked something like this:

Breakfast: Banana (what was supposed to be my one serving of fruit)

Snack: Almonds

Lunch: Banana (oops) and a Meatza   I used homemade salsa on top as it was  more accessible for me at the time

Snack: Almonds

Dinner: Broccoli and Stuffed Bell Peppers 

Dessert: BANANA! FAIL!
Though not all to varied, I was definitely full and satisfied after each meal or snack. I will need to add more snacks because I don’t think I can handle almonds all day everyday, I am currently thinking beef jerky with no added sugar, carrots, celery (though I will need a good substitute for peanut butter?) and cucumbers.

It was also helpful yesterday because I mentioned my Paleo mission to my best friend Lisa, and she was definitely interested in trying it out so she and her boyfriend came over last night for dinner (my first paleo party!) and apparently it wasn’t too terrible! AKA, it was delicious. She has expressed interest in joining the paleo bandwagon so it is going to be quite the experience! With her permission I am also going to post some of her struggles and victories through the process to give some variation to my own. I also put her on blast so she can’t bail out!

This picture pretty much surmises our relationship, and yes, we were sober



Today the menu looks almost identical (I made two Meatza’s for simplicities sake) and for dinner I will be making Zoodles!!! I got this recipe from another one of my best friends, Katie- who is currently in Japan for the next two years doing nursing, and she apparently has been doing paleo for awhile now and brought this recipe to my attention!

I am sure my updates through the weekend will be much more entertaining as I have not yet discovered the alcohol “allowance” though I know in my heart there probably are none!

Happy Friday!


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